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Social Media Sharing Made Easier

Social media sharing toolThis is a blog that centres around social media, so it goes without saying that I use social media networks quite a lot. In isolation, each network I use is fantastic in its own way. I mean, they all have their little quirks. Facebook is annoying, Twitter is sometimes a bit too simple, barely anybody is on Google+ and don’t get me started on Reddit (their link submission tool is a real pain to use sometimes). Read the rest of this entry


Two Apps You Shouldn’t be Without

Evernote and DropboxThis is by no means a ground-breaking post, or even talking about anything new. But the number of people who I speak to that don’t use these two apps, yet could really benefit from them, has prompted me to write about them – Evernote and Dropbox. If you have both of these apps already, then I’m sorry. Please enjoy this picture of a monkey riding a dog for your troubles: Read the rest of this entry

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