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Facebook to Introduce Subscribe Button With 3 Features

Facebook Subscribe ButtonFollowing Twitter’s announcement that they will soon offer Twitter Web Analytics Facebook are to release a subscribe button. At first, this may not seem like a big deal, however this will have massive implications, which will ultimately benefit the world’s largest social network a great deal. Read the rest of this entry


What’ll kill off Twitter?

I’ve purposely waited a bit to post this, as I didn’t want people to think I was posting to benefit from adding keywords surrounding recent events to improve search rankings (like Mashable did). It’s taken from a Google+ post I put up a few days ago.

So, is it going to be the death of a celebrity, a catastrophic event or the airing of a popular tv show that spells the end of Twitter?

I really love Twitter. To be honest though, whenever one of the three types of events above occurs, I turn my back on it until everyone gets off their soapbox.

Facebook is the same. Status updates like “Who gives a f*ck about some crackhead when so many people are suffering in Norway” make me want to just delete my account altogether. The other side of the fence is just as annoying, “This is the worst thing to happen to music since the death of John Lennon”. Oh please. It’s devastating, but Lennon changed the shape of pop and rock music as part of the most influential band the world has ever seen.

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Personalising your Google+ profile link

Currently there is no way of customising your Google+ profile link within Google+. This video shows how you can create a custom link (e.g. as to opposed to having to use the long link that Google+ provides you with (e.g.

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Adding Facebook contacts to Google+

You can’t avoid Google+ at the minute, everyone seems to be talking about it. In order to get the most out of the new social network you need some of your friends on there. This short video shows you how to add your Facebook friends to your Google+ contacts. You can add me on Google+ or, if you would rather, on Twitter.

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What I like most about Google plus – Circles

I want to get a couple of things straight before I start singing the praises of Google Plus. First of all, I LOVE Twitter. Absolutely love it. Secondly, I live with Facebook because it is the easiest way to keep up with people I know that are scattered all over the place. For me, Twitter is like eating cake; something I do regularly because I really enjoy it. Facebook is like ironing clothes, something I feel compelled to do to keep up appearances.

So now I’ve set the scene, here is an outline of the feature I like most about Google plus. Read the rest of this entry

Google +1 and what Facebook should do in response

So, Google have introduced their +1 button.

I don’t think that this will have Facebook quaking in their boots. First off, for personalised recommendations (i.e. X number of your friends +1’d this) you need to link your Google account to those of your friends. Who does this really? I’d say 5-10% of Google account holders. We pretty much all have a Google account (and if you don’t, you should) but we use it for the tools like Gmail and Google Docs rather than as an integrated social media account. The average Facebook user has 200 to 400 friends that they communicate with/see statuses from regularly through the social networking site. Can anybody boast the same exposure of their social activity via their Google contacts?

Secondly, in relation to the anonymous +1’s, you have a situation whereby the most popular content, not the best quality or most accurate, rises to the top. I believe that rather than creating a nice cream-topped Irish coffee of search results, they will actually resemble the froth that gathers on the water of an inner-city renovated docks complex. Content from people like Piers Morgan and Lady Gaga will probably end up on the first page of our search results and, be honest, do any of us really want that to happen?!

Not that Facebook are quaking in their boots at +1, but they do have an opportunity to provide a superior alternative. They could do this by enabling their users to catalogue all of the Facebook pages and content that they have liked. So, when using my Facebook profile, I can access all of the articles and pages I have previously liked – using it as a read later type service or as a personalised Stumble Upon type service full of Facebook pages that you have previously liked. Also, and this would be the most effective element, friends can view each others Like catalogues. Your friend Dave has great taste in music? You would search through his Like catalogue music section and Like the pages yourself. Suzie always posts interesting news stories before you hear them through mainstream news channels? Browse through the news section of her Like catalogue and find out where she gets all this info.

Why will this work for Facebook? Because, like Google, everyone has a Facebook account. The difference is that Facebook accounts are integral to their social online activity.

What are your thoughts on this?

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