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What to Blog? Or Not to Blog!

Hmmmm?Since starting a new job in August I’ve been finding it harder to find inspiration and motivation to write new posts on here. Read the rest of this entry


Social Media Sharing Made Easier

Social media sharing toolThis is a blog that centres around social media, so it goes without saying that I use social media networks quite a lot. In isolation, each network I use is fantastic in its own way. I mean, they all have their little quirks. Facebook is annoying, Twitter is sometimes a bit too simple, barely anybody is on Google+ and don’t get me started on Reddit (their link submission tool is a real pain to use sometimes). Read the rest of this entry

Shopping list for a first time blogger

Right, before I get started with this blogging lark, I’m going to need a few things. Here’s my list of stuff and things that may help you to take the plunge.

1. The right blog platform

First off I thought of WordPress, then a couple of people recommended Tumblr. After having a nosey and a read up it seems that Tumblr is more suited to casual blogging, based more around uploading media than text-based posts. Wordpress it is.

2. A (good) HD digital video camera

To begin with, I know my posts are going to be text based but video content is far too effective, and quick to produce, to ignore. Money is uber tight thanks to the little fella and, luckily, I run social media strategy at work. Anyway, I had a £100 budget so I’ve gone for this little number from Toshiba. £79 including 4Gb SD card, all the leads you’ll need including HDMI, tripod, one-touch Youtube upload and it records in 1080p HD quality (although the reviews suggest recording in 720 to avoid compromising quality when moving camera about). I’ll put a post together once I start using it to let you know whether I should have gone for the Flip instead.

3. Evernote and Dropbox

Evernote I’ve been using to jot down ideas, Dropbox more for images and Word docs. Both are brilliant, I’m sure there are alternatives out there, but these two are doing the job for me at the minute. Both are accessible from work PC, home laptop and phone. Basically they have meant that I’ve been able to ditch the dog-eared notepad from my wallet and no longer have to email files to myself if I want to write about them later.

4. Photo hosting

I’ll be using Flickr for this and using Camera 360’s app on my HTC Desire to take them. Love this app, the effects are great and the app takes two copies of the picture, keeping one in it’s original format and applying effects to the other.

Shopping list complete, for the time being at least, now to start creating content and if there’s time, engage in some guest posting on other people’s blogs. Anything else to add? Add your comments below.

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