Spam hall of fame

I love the little spam comments that pop up now and then, so I’m going to post my favourites here as comments. Enjoy…

  1. Online Games writes:
    “Amazing article. I desire you up-to-date your blog significantly more often, I just cannot seem to be to acquire adequate of your blog. I preserved your blog in my bookmarks. Would it be feasible to do a guest post sometime?…”

    It would be feasible, yes. However I desire you to check your comments for typos significantly more often before I acquire your guest post

  2. Houston Astros Hats sale writes:
    “afternoon of quilting interrupted by run to pediatrician soon, E cries whenever we go:(”

    I hate it when that happens. I’m glad that you felt comfortable enough to talk about it on here. Stay strong Houston Astros Hats Sale, you’ll get that quilt finished

  3. Cheap Metal Mulisha Hats writes:

    “This is definitely wonderful web page you’ve got going here. The difficulty is extremely informative as well as straight to the level. Ecstatic you just read another recommendation of your blog next occasion.”

    What kind words. I’m glad that my blog is rocking the world of cheap hats and hat sales. Makes it all worthwhile!

  4. Cleveland Indians Hats Sale writes:

    “Numerous usefull data and also idea, both of which everyone want, thank you for this kind of.”

    Why, thank you CIHS…kind of

  5. Plantas purificadoras de agua writes:
    “I am only and grateful to you will definitely. May be collection of instruction manual to get offered by no means the entire pet untruths this is while using remaining weblogs. Have fun with the actual blogging this excellent finest file.”

    Thank you Plantas. I plan to continue having fun with the actual blogging this excellent finest file.

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