What to Blog? Or Not to Blog!

Hmmmm?Since starting a new job in August I’ve been finding it harder to find inspiration and motivation to write new posts on here. I’ve also found that I’ve been really Twitter and Google+ heavy on the postings. I’d love to be able to say “It’s my workload”, but there is always time to write a post. For some reason I have been procrastinating. Which is weird, because you usually do that with tasks that you hate doing, and I love blogging. So, I put it out on Twitter – “Should write a blog post, struggling for motivation/content today. Any suggestions?”.

There were a few good ones from @AmateurAnne (write about how rubbish new Facebook is) and @weezy_runner (about the joys of queueing, with reference to iPhone 4S shoppers). But the best idea was from @Clare_McGregor – “Should we blog if we’ve nothing that’s inspiring us, let alone that might inspire others?”.

I am one of those people who, like many, finds it much easier to advise others than take my own advice. So I figured that by writing advice about getting inspired to write content I could, in turn, motivate myself to write something. So, with the aim of inspiring myself, and hopefully you too, here are some ideas for content creation.

Share your knowledge

Knowledge is a funny old commodity because rarely, when people have a good understanding of a subject, do they understand how useful it is to others. Quite often it feels like you are teaching others to suck eggs. The beauty of blogging though is that you can reach the audiences are keen to learn about the things you know about. I don’t pitch myself as a social media expert, but I do have a good understanding of how social media can be used in business and for careers. So I blog about it. Are there people out there that know more about it than I do? Certainly. But so what. There are a hell of a lot more people out there that know less than me and, more importantly, are eager to learn more.

Possible posts:

How I landed my perfect job (people love to hear a success story and you may help others in their job search)

Never mind return on investment, social media works for my business/university

Key lessons for those starting out on Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin/Google+/FourSquare/their blog/their job hunt

Get things off your chest

There’s a little darkness in all of us that likes to hear people vent. subconsciously it reassures us that we’re not the only person that gets wound up and cheesed off by the world. Don’t make all your posts this way, as that can be hard work for the reader, but the odd vent often provides good entertainment value.

Possible posts:

What’s the big deal with FourSquare and Facebook Places? (I don’t care where you are)

Do annoying adverts actually sell products?

If one of the main reasons of going to university is to get a better career, why is careers advice not the main priority of universities?

In the news

Commentary on the latest news, whether it is general or industry specific, usually gives the opportunity to link back to your sector or area of expertise.

Possible posts:

How can the education sector benefit from the popularity of mobile apps?

How my business was affected by the Blackberry outage.

Can social media provide a platform for consumer power in the face of energy price hikes?

Not got your own blog?

That doesn’t matter. Write a guest post. Drop me a line on Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ if you want to write something and, preferably if it is social media/education/marketing related, then I’ll post it on here. You can then share this on your CV, via your own website or through your social media accounts. If you have your own, obviously I would link back to your blog.


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