Twitter Finally Introduces Web Analytics

Twitter AnalyticsFor no apparent reason, Twitter has not had an analytics system of its own. For years, those of use that have tried to justify spending time and resources on the platform have had to rely on third-party apps, with a sprinkling of guess-work, to convey the benefits. Twitter analytics will be rolled out to a small group of pilot users this week and then to the rest of us over the next few weeks.

This is brilliant for Twitter, and very timely. Google are still dragging their feet with Google Plus, which has great functionality but is being choked as it sits in Beta mode waiting for general release. Facebook have also made some improvements to mirror Circles on G+. So it is a good time for Twitter to release this functionality, which will better quantify the benefits.

From the screenshot on the Twitter Analytics Official Announcement website owners will be able to see how many clicks to their site their tweets are generating, as well as the percentage of those that were generated by a ‘Tweet This button. It isn’t ground breaking stuff, but imagine that this is the first of many versions that will see improvement over time.

Well done Twitter, lets hope that you have more developments under your hat to keep up with Facebook.


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