Two Apps You Shouldn’t be Without

Evernote and DropboxThis is by no means a ground-breaking post, or even talking about anything new. But the number of people who I speak to that don’t use these two apps, yet could really benefit from them, has prompted me to write about them – Evernote and Dropbox. If you have both of these apps already, then I’m sorry. Please enjoy this picture of a monkey riding a dog for your troubles:

Evernote, Dropbox and a monkey riding a dogIf you don’t have them, then read on…

1. Evernote

For those that don’t know, Evernote is an app that lets you make notes on a device. It then lets you synch your account and access them from any other device. So I could make a shopping list at work on my PC. Add a couple of items at home when I’m on my iPad (other tablet PCs are available), then access it through my smartphone whilst I’m at the shops.

Sounds a bit one-dimensional so far right? Well it starts to get more useful when you start writing your blog or using social media networks more regularly. You can take pictures and add notes to them, which you can later add to your posts or send out as tweets or Google+ updates. Generally I’ll take photos on my phone or make notes whilst on the train, and then access them from my laptop when I write up my blog post.

It’s also great when your writing presentations, working on a project or preparing a CV – basically anything you work on that you often have “Ooh, I should add that” moments but then never do, because you either scribble the idea down on a bit of paper that you lose, or you rely on your memory and forget.

You can download Evernote for pretty much any device from the Evernote download page. Download it now, it’s free. Add it to your smartphone, personal and work computers and I guarantee you’ll find it useful…even if it is just for writing your shopping list!

2. Dropbox

This is another really popular app in certain circles (mainly people linked to education), but one that is generally being underused I think. Dropbox is similar to Evernote in that it is a cloud based storage service, but it centres around files rather than notes.You create an account, download the app onto your devices, then you can store documents in your Dropbox and access them from any of those devices. When accessing your documents, any changes you make can be saved and opened later.

This is ideal for job seekers, for example, who can tweak one CV, which they can access from various devices. Any changes made on the train, are made to the same version of your CV that they access from their laptop. Anybody that has emailed the latest version of their CV to themselves every time they make changes to it will see the benefit of this app.

You get 2GB of space with your free Dropbox account, and extra space when you invite others. So, if you don’t have Dropbox yet, please add it via this link, as this will give me some extra storage space [thanks in advance!].

If you are thinking of writing your own blog, take a read of my Shopping list for a first time blogger post (you’ll notice that Evernote and Dropbox are also mentioned there), which should help you to get started.

Please add any other useful apps in the comments section below or tweet me your thoughts.



6 thoughts on “Two Apps You Shouldn’t be Without

    1. Brilliant! They are good. Just make sure you put both apps on every device, otherwise you won’t get the most out of them. I appreciate that this may take a while, as you now have about 15 different bits of kit, but it’s worth it!

    1. Woah, I was a bit dubious about posting this because Dropbox and Evernote have been around for ages, but Angry Birds has been around even longer!

      2009 called, they wanted their app suggestion back. Thanks for commenting anyway though @AmateurAnne, your input is always welcome!

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