9 simple steps to getting the most out of Linkedin

If you complete these 9 steps you WILL get more out of Linkedin. I guarantee it. This is by no means a fully comprehensive list, so feel free to add your comments and further suggestions. But if you do (complete the 9 steps) but you don’t (get more out of Linkedin), then let me know and I’ll come and wash your car or something to make up for the time you’ve lost. Right, lets get cracking.

Step 1 – Complete your profile and make it relevant

Use the progress bar. It’s simple, 100% is the target. As you are completing your profile add context to every element of your work experience. This gives the viewer an insight as to whether you’re worth connecting with. What will you be using your Linkedin profile for? Networking? Job hunting? Business development? As an example, if you work for an advertising agency and you’re trying to attract more clients, write about your success stories and large campaigns, not about your transferable skills.

Step 2 – Seek recommendations

Do not be afraid to ask for recommendations, they qualify you as a useful contact

“90% of people trust online recommendations from people they know” 

Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of over 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries

This behaviour applies to online consumers and online networkers. Request recommendations from colleagues, customers, graduates, suppliers, basically anybody that you have had a professional relationship with. It will feel weird the first time you do it, but more often than not people are more than happy to obligue. Like products on Amazon, people with recommendations are a more attractive prospect.

Step 3 – Link up with LinkedIn

Link your Twitter, Facebook, blog and website to your LinkedIn profile. If you’re a WordPress blogger, then add the WordPress application which will automatically send out updates of your latest posts. Another plugin you can use is the SlideShare application to share any presentations you would like to share.

Whilst on the subject of social media accounts, Google yourself and make sure your online presence, across all networks, is of a professional standard. Delete or protect anything that isn’t.

Step 4 – <This is an easy one> Personalise your profile link

This is easily done. Best case scenario is making your personalised profile link the same as your Twitter name.

Step 5 – Search for and add groups

The first and most natural approach here is to add groups that match your skills profile, and it is useful to do this. However you should also add groups that are used by your target market, even if they are not directly relevant to you. Also, don’t just use these groups as a platform to push your wares – this will turn people off you straight away. Offer advice and useful opinions, position yourself as an expert of your field.

Step 6 – Add EVERYONE!

Whenever you speak to contacts via email, add a line that states you would like to link up on LinkedIn. Don’t wait for a response to your email – invite them to connect on LinkedIn straight away. 9 times out of 10 your invite will be accepted. This is a great way to grow you connection numbers quickly and make the most out of every professional interaction. You can connect with me by clicking here.

Step 7 – Promote your Linkedin profile

Add your Linkedin profile to your email signature and if possible your business cards. Give people every opportunity to connect with you.

Step 8 – Use Linkedin Answers

This is the section of LinkedIn (first option under the ‘More’ menu) that is used to ask industry-specific questions to the Linkedin population. Try to answer 2 or 3 questions a week and you’ll be surprised at how benefitial this can be.

Step 9 – Use Linkedin regularly

Anything that is worth doing takes time and with Linkedin, the more effort you put in the greater the return. This doesn’t mean spending hours on the site. Once you have steps 1 to 8 in place, you can expect a useful return on the following:

  • a status update each day
  • one or two comments on groups each week
  • adding all new business contacts on a day-to-day basis

If you have any questions, thoughts or additions to the list, please add them as a comment and I will repond.


4 thoughts on “9 simple steps to getting the most out of Linkedin

  1. This is a fantastic blog. I particularly like step 3 (about adding the WordPress application which will automatically send out updates of your latest posts) and step 7 (putting Linked In on your Business card).

    I am running a workshop on Linked In (as well as other Social Media) in the next academic year at Salford University for students and graduates. I will be sure to refer people to your blog!

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